Hey there!

I am a Doctoral student at the School of Communication and Information at Rutgers University and am currently working with Professor Kiran Garimella. Prior to this I received an M.A in Computational Social Science from the University of Chicago. I worked with Dr. Molly Offer-Westort on building chatbots to persuade people to vote on critical societal issues like gun control, women’s reproductive rights, and advancing LGBTQ+ equality. For my M.A thesis I built a platform to conduct adaptive experiments for studying intervention efficacy against misinformation on WhatsApp. My current research focus is on building infrastructure to study misinformation on private messaging apps and statistical modelling of, and theorizing collective human behaviour.

In a previous life, I was an Embedded Software Engineer. I launched a startup, was part of the University Hyperloop team that made it to the SpaceX finals in 2017, was a Lead Engineer at a Home automation startup, and was a Senior Software Engineer at Bosch, building safety critical features for vehicles.